What Size Tank Does A Turtle Need?

pet turtles

normally need a tank size of 55 to 100-gallons depending on their species. A good rule of thumb is to buy a tank that has 10 gallons for every inch of your turtle’s

shell length

. Male map turtles reach no more than seven inches, while females can grow to ten inches. An 80-gallon tank is a good choice.

Can I give my turtle to PetSmart?

For the safety of all pets, pet parents, and store associates, non-traditional pets are not permitted inside any PetSmart store location unless the pet is a service animal under the federal guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act or similar state or local laws, or has a veterinary appointment with an in-store.

Do I need an aquarium for a turtle?

Turtles live mainly in water. They’ll need an aquarium of at least 29 gallons, with a screened top Turtles need 12 hours a day of “daylight,” but their aquarium should not be placed in direct sun. Instead, use a UVA/UVB bulb to provide the rays they need for strong bones and shells.

Does PetSmart sell turtle tanks?

Thrive Turtle Start-Up Kit – 40 Gallon | reptile Starter Kits | PetSmart.

Do turtles need a water heater?

Turtles are

cold blooded

so you’ll need to provide some sort of heat source to keep them warm. Without something to keep them warm they’ll become sluggish and if it gets too cold can even die. Aquatic turtles need both a water heater (above) and some form of basking heat.

Does a turtle need a heat lamp?

Turtles are reptiles, which means they are cold-blooded. They are unable to regulate their internal body temperature. They need heat from an outside source to stay warm. If your pet turtle is kept indoors, as most pet turtles are, you will need to provide them with a source of heat and light.

How much does a turtle tank cost?

Expect to pay $100 to $200 for a terrarium or an aquarium (used ones may be more inexpensive) and factor in additional costs for lighting, thermometers, a basking platform, a ramp into and out of the water (if you have an aquatic turtle), and a turtle tank filter system, which can cost up to $350, according to Nowick.

Do turtles need rocks in their tank?

Using a substrate in a turtle’s tank, whether pebbles, sand or other material, is optional Some turtle owners put a layer of large, smooth pebbles on the bottom of their pet’s aquarium because it creates a visually appealing, natural-looking setting.

Do turtles like cold water or warm water?


proper water temperatures

. The water should be 80 – 82 degrees Fahrenheit ( 26.5 – 27.5 Celsius) for a hatchling or a sick turtle, and 77 – 80 degrees F (25.5 – 26.5 C) for a healthy turtle over a year old.

Can a turtle survive in a fish tank?

Yes, turtles can absolutely go in a fish tank In fact, for the vast majority of turtle owners out there, a fish tank is probably going to be the easiest habitat to place them in.

Can I keep a turtle in a 10 gallon tank?

Plan on a tank size of 10 gallons of water per inch of the turtle as a general rule of thumb , with a minimum size of a 20-gallon for hatchling red-eared sliders. Keep in mind that red-eared sliders can grow to be 10 to 12 inches as adults, so it’s likely that you’ll eventually need a very large tank.

Are turtles easy to take care of?

Turtles are a relatively high maintenance reptile and have a very specific set of requirements in regards to general care, however if all of these elements are provided they thrive in captivity. Providing adequate heating within a turtle’s enclosure is essential for their health and wellbeing.

How long do pet turtles live?

With the right care, turtles can live for at least 30 years in captivity and have been known to live for up to 70 in some cases and even longer, depending on the species This is a massive commitment, and their complicated, expensive, and time-consuming care requirements will need to be maintained for many decades.

Do turtles need a filter?

Turtles produce A LOT of waste, so you need to use a good quality filter If you don’t invest in a decent filter, your water will become dirty and your turtles will get sick.

What do turtles like in their tank?

Turtles like to play with whatever you leave around, so you can use their habitat as an enrichment center. Gravel and sand – Turtles love digging. You should have an area in their tank for them to dig. Gravel is a great way to keep your turtle entertained.

Do turtles get lonely?

No! The fact is that turtles will be totally fine on their own. They don’t need to share a tank with another turtle to be happy and content, and you don’t need to worry about turtle loneliness!.

Can turtles drown in too much water?

Yes, turtles can drown in water if they stay or get trapped underwater for longer than they can handle Although it varies between species, most turtles spend a lot of

time underwater

. However, unlike fish, turtles don’t have gills that draw oxygen out of water. Instead, they have lungs.

What do I need for a pet turtle?

  • Enclosure. A turtle tank and turtle aquarium are standards, but today, there also are plenty of alternatives, like turtle tubs and ponds.
  • Light/Heat. Turtles are cold-blooded
  • Basking Site
  • Filtration
  • Food
  • Enrichment.

Do turtles like to be pet?

Turtles prefer to be alone, and they never welcome being picked up and handled Because turtles aren’t affectionate, don’t like to be held, stroked or cuddled and don’t play with toys, many people lose interest and cease to take proper care of them.

Can a turtle drown?

Yes, sea turtles can drown as they have lungs just like other reptiles and similar to our own lungs. Sea turtles cannot breathe underwater, however they can hold their breath for long periods of time.

What temperature is too cold for turtles?

Adult painted turtles can survive in water as cold as 37 degrees Fahrenheit without food or oxygen for up to 100 days. These conditions would kill most vertebrates in three or four minutes. Many turtles, however, can survive in extremely low oxygen conditions because of their ability to change their blood chemistry.

How often should you clean a turtle tank?

At least once a week : Replace some of the water in the tank with clean water. Even if your turtles’ swimming water looks fine, it could be high in ammonia or nitrite. Every two to three weeks: Clean out the whole tank and refresh the filter.

How deep should a turtle tank be?

Turtles need both land and water within their tank. As a rule, turtles need 10 gallons of water for 1 inch of shell. The water level also needs to be deep enough for your turtle to flip over and not get stuck – a depth of 1.5 times your turtle’s length is ideal.

Where should you keep a turtle in the house?

It is believed that the turtle brings a great deal of bliss and success to the house. Along with Lord Kuber, it governs the north center of the house. Therefore, it should always be kept in the north direction Owing to its benefits, you can also place it in the north side of your office.

How much does a 40 gallon turtle tank cost?

The cheapest 40 gallon turtle tank is the Aqueon Standard Glass Aquarium Tank. It is available for $100 from petco.

What size tank does a box turtle need?

The best box turtle aquarium size is to get the biggest enclosure you can. For an outdoor enclosure, the minimum size is 4 feet in length by 4 feet in width For an indoor habitat, the minimum size should be 3 feet in length by 1 foot in width. Substrate should be at least 3 inches deep.

Is it okay to use tap water for turtles?

Do not use tap water for your tank, as tap water contains chlorine and possibly fluoride which can upset the pH balance of your system De-chlorinated water needs to be used for the swimming area and filtered water for your turtle to drink.

What happens if a turtle gets too cold?

Cold turtles have a much slower metabolism, putting them in a very restful state. Turtles that get too cold run the risk of getting “cold stunned” These turtles get too cold and actually become immobile! In 2010, we received 178 cold stunned turtles in three days due to a quick drop in water temperature!.

How often should I feed my turtle?

How often do turtles eat? If your turtle is still juvenile, feed it every day, advises Dr. Starkey. Once it reaches adulthood (around 7 years old), you can feed it every other day—or about 4 to 5 times a week.

How long can my turtle go without basking?

A turtle can go a couple weeks without basking. However, after a month or so, their health will almost certainly deteriorate.

Are LED lights good for turtles?

Lamps that get hot (like incandescent, halogen, or mercury vapor lamps) should have a screen under them because they occasionally explode when they get splashed by water, and the glass can injure your turtle. Fluorescent lamps and LED lamps don’t need screens because they rarely, if ever explode or shatter.

Do turtles sleep at night?

Turtles like any other animal need to rest. Most pet turtles are diurnal and as such sleep at night To ensure the turtle sleeps well, turn the lights off during the evening.

Do turtle tanks smell?

Turtle tanks can start to smell swampy if you don’t clean them regularly The smell factor increases exponentially with the turtles population, and the tank size plays a role, too. Regular maintenance not only keeps your tank odor-free, it also keeps your turtles healthy.

Are turtles expensive to keep?

The annual expenses for a turtle are typically between $200 and $500 each year depending on what kind of food you choose to feed them, how often you clean their bedding and tank interior, and how many toys or supplies you put inside the tank.

What should I put at the bottom of my turtle tank?

A substrate, which is something to line the bottom of the turtle tank, like aquarium gravel, pebbles, Caribsea, or Flourite Unless you plan to use live plants that need something to root in, or to keep digging turtles like soft shell turtles, you don’t absolutely need a substrate.

What Animals Can I put in my turtle tank?

  • Striped Raphael Catfish.
  • Common Plecostomus – Best for Large Environments.
  • Pictus Catfish.
  • Koi Fish.
  • Mystery Snails.
  • Goldfish.
  • Rosy-Red Minnows.
  • Guppies.

How do you wash a pet turtle?

Take the brush and run it over the back of their shell gently until you have loosened any dirt or algae. Rinse with some of the water in the tub using a cup or a scoop to pour water over the turtle. Brush the turtle’s legs and the crevices between their shell and legs, tail and head. Rinse with water.

How do you know if a turtle is happy?

Turtles are natural foragers and a common behavior is digging. If you see your turtle digging at the gravel at the bottom of their tank , this is a sign of a happy turtle. They should also regularly explore their environment, which can mean swimming around decorations and plants.

How do you house a turtle?

  • Set Up a Tank. A turtle’s indoor habitat should be at least 40 gallons to allow for growth to adult size
  • Set Up Temperature Control
  • Find Out How Much Your Turtle Should Hibernate
  • Provide Food
  • Clean Tank and Change Water Frequently
  • Do Not Play with Your Turtle Often
  • Wash Your Hands.

How much water do you put in a tank for a turtle?

The MINIMUM amount of water in your aquarium would be FIVE TIMES the length and width of your turtle For example, a turtle with a 10” shell length would need a tank at least 50” long. And if that turtle was 3” high at the tallest point – the water depth would be a minimum of 15”.

Can you put a betta fish with a turtle?

No, you cannot keep a betta fish and turtle together even if it’s temporary If you try to put a betta fish with any type of turtle species, odds are that your fish won’t last even the week. The reasons why you can’t keep a betta fish with a turtle include diet, space, and water parameters.

Can I put a baby turtle in a fish tank?

The aquarium you use must be big enough for both your turtle and fish to coexist happily An aquarium that’s too small will put a strain on the filter you’re using which can lead to a bacterial invasion, fungus, and overall poor living conditions. A turtle that is up to six inches in size needs 30 gallons of water.