Why Is My Petsafe Collar Randomly Beeping?

If your house is very big and if the containment area has a relatively small radius, it’s likely that a part of the

containment boundary

falls somewhere inside your house , causing the collar to beep whenever it crosses that part of the boundary.

Why is my petsafe alarm going off?

There are 3 possible alarms that can happen when the transmitter is turned on. The first is for metal interference with anything metal or appliances within 5 feet of the transmitter The second alarm is to signal power loss to the transmitter. The third alarm would be a single long continuous beep t.more.

Why does my petsafe wireless fence keep beeping?

If your

invisible fence control panel

is beeping with a lengthy pause between each beep, it’s possible your

backup battery unit

needs to be replaced Your fence will still work, but if your power goes out, the system will no longer be operational until power is restored.

How do I reset my petsafe wireless collar?

Press and hold the button on the collar until a beep is heard and the light flashes green to turn the collar on. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to reset the collar The light turns red and the collar turns off. Continue holding the button.

Why is the red light flashing on my petsafe collar?

Why is my Invisible Fence collar blinking red? If you have started to see a red flashing light on your pet’s Computer Collar unit, your Power Cap battery may need to be replaced You can order

replacement batteries

online, from your local dealer, or by calling 1-800-824-3647.

How do you reset a PetSafe wireless fence?

How do I reset my PetSafe wireless collar? Simply remove the battery and hold down the power button for a few seconds after the LED indicator has gone out Then, replace the battery, with a fresh one if need be, and turn the collar on again.

How do I check the battery in my Invisible Fence collar?

You can position the test light tool on the collar probe and look for the light to flash The higher the correction level, the brighter the light will shine on the test light tool. If the collar beeps once you reach the boundary, or the test light illuminates, the battery and the collar work.

How do I test my PetSafe collar?

All you have to do is hold the tool against the

contact points

on your dog or cat’s receiver collar to check if the collar is working properly The test light tool will light up if static correction is being activated. This accessory comes in most kits including a fence receiver collar, remote trainer, or bark collar.

Why is my transmitter beeping?

beeping means the batteries are low. maybe the voltage alarms at a slightly different point than the others, or maybe it is incorectly set. not sure. i would be nervous flying with it.

How long do PetSafe collars last?

How long is the unit supposed to last? The Wireless Containment System unit can last up to approximately 10 years or more if used properly. Batteries on the collar can last and be replaced up to 1 to 2 months.

How long does a PetSafe battery last?

Product Description. The PetSafe RFA-67 6V Replacement Battery 2-Pack are replacement batteries that work with the PetSafe bark collar, in-ground and wireless fence receiver collar systems. These batteries are waterproof and last 1-3 months , depending on use.

How do I know if my PetSafe wireless collar is working?

  • HIGH. Dial
  • LOW. Dial
  • HIGH. Dial
  • LOW. Dial
  • Verify that the high and low switch and boundary dial are set to the original settings.
  • Check to see if the power light on the base unit is lit and not flashing to confirm that the base unit has power
  • Confirm that the collar has power.

How do you reset an Invisible Fence after a power outage?

Replace the batteries of the main fence component, if possible. Some models have a battery-operated fence component that helps with the signal transmission. Plug in the transmitter. The system and transmitter should reset automatically upon being plugged back in.

What is the button on the PetSafe collar?

Press the button. The light will flash red. The number of flashes on the collar indicates the current collar level Press again quickly to increase the collar level.

When should I replace my PetSafe collar battery?

A replacement PetSafe® battery (RFA-67) can be found at many retailers. Contact the Customer Care Center at 1-800-732-2677 or visit our web site at www.petsafe.net to locate a retailer near you. Average battery life is 3 to 6 months , depending on how often your dog barks.

Why is my PetSafe collar blinking green?

9. The receiver collar will emit a unique double tone as the contact points touch your pet’s skin. You will know that you have the proper fit when you hear the receiver collar emit the double tone and it flashes green 5 consecutive times. 10.

What does it mean when Invisible Fence collar flashes green?

When you first insert the battery into your receiver, the status light will flash green. This indicates that the receiver has started properly In the event that the lights do not flash, check the battery to be sure that it has been inserted properly.

How long does an invisible fence collar battery last?

How often should I replace the battery in my Invisible Fence Computer Collar? We recommend changing the battery every 3 months – it’s the safest, easiest and most reliable way to guarantee your pet’s safety 100% of the time.

Do invisible fence collars wear out?

Dead Battery – All DogWatch Hidden Fence receiver collars have a battery life of 1 to 2 years Other “invisible” dog fence collars have batteries that need changing every 2-3 months, or worse, have a rechargeable battery.


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