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zebra finches

are usually sold at

pet stores

, by breeders, and can be found at rescues or through adoption agencies. They can cost $20 to $100 , depending on the color mutation.

Pairs Zebra Finches: Can you keep 2 pairs

zebra finches


Play the Numbers Game. Keeping the wrong number of zebra finches together can cause them to fight. For the most part, a

single pair

of finches will live together harmoniously, whereas two pairs will start fighting with one another over resources.

Zebra Finches: Do zebra finches like to be pet

Personality & Behavior. Most zebra finches will not want to be handled They are not really “trainable” as a parrot type bird is. Occasionally you can find hand-raised finches, or you may have to hand-raise a baby yourself.

Should finches be covered at night?


Covering the cage at night is unnecessary and discouraged since exposure to fresh air is important, 2 , 5 and the birds ideally should rise with the sun (having a covered cage early in the morning may prevent this). Indoor birds need a

suitable living area

(“bird proof home”) to keep them healthy & safe.

Do zebra finches bite?


Life with Zebra Finches from a real owner’s perspective: As pets, Zebra Finches don’t bite hard enough to draw blood , they only make a mess inside of their cage (mostly), they don’t need physical human interaction, and they are very inexpensive. This often results in them being labelled as “very easy to care for.”.

Zebra Finch: Can you hold a zebra finch

Place your palm across the finch’s back and wings. Your index and

middle fingers

should wrap around the bird’s neck and your them and remaining fingers can be cupped around the bird for support You may need to handle the bird in order to clean out the cage, or to remove aggressive or injured finches from the cage.

Should finches be let out of the cage?


For finches kept in cages, even if they are longer flight ones like ours (120cm), it is always good to let them fly around freely indoors However, letting birds outside the cage is also very dangerous, and requires preparation beforehand.

Zebra Finch Need: What size cage does a zebra finch need

30 inches long, by 18 inches high and 18 inches wide is a good sized cage for a pair of zebra finches. If you are going to get a larger group, you’ll need an aviary or flight cage. This can be home built, but keep in mind that excellent hygiene is a must so any cage should be easy to clean.

Zebra Finches: What birds can live with zebra finches

Canaries and Budgies These are, along with the Zebra Finch, the most popular cage birds, so it comes as no surprise that people have tried keeping the two together. If you do plan on keeping the two species together, you’ll need a cage which is at least 30ft in width.

Zebra Finches: How cold is too cold for zebra finches

Although acclimated finches wi 11 tolerate lower temperatures, I recommend the lowest should not be less than sixty (60) degrees Below this, the finches utilize a considerable amount of energy simply keeping the body warm and l feel their general condition and breeding performance will suffer.

Zebra Finches: Are zebra finches noisy

Finches may not be particularly loud, but they still vocalize often Many owners find these noises soothing, and the low volume makes these birds apartment friendly. Those wanting quiet birds may want to reconsider, as finches do tend to chirp and sing throughout the day. Males in

particular love

to sing.

Do finches need hay?


Alfalfa or timothy hay is an

acceptable nesting material

, as it is closest to what is readily available in the wild. Any item they can use to build a nest will be deposited in a corner of the cage floor, or in their

food dish


Zebra Finches: Do zebra finches need a bath

In addition to the daily misting, offer them a bath twice per week to let them groom themselves more thoroughly For the bath, set a small, shallow dish filled with 1 inch of water in the finches’ cage. Let them bathe and groom themselves, and then remove the dish so there isn’t dirty water lying around the cage.

How hot is too hot for finches?


Birds can suffer from heat stroke, 2 , 5 so be sure to provide means for your birds to cool off if temperatures in your birds’ area exceed 90° F (32° C).

How big of a cage do I need for 2 finches?


Finches live happiest with a partner, and most avian experts recommend 3-4 square feet of cage floor space per pair of finches. Finch cages should be at least 30 inches in length for each pair of birds.

Zebra Finches: Does PetSmart have zebra finches

Zebra Finch | bird Conure, Parakeets & More | PetSmart.

Zebra Finches Messy: Are zebra finches messy

Finch owners need to clean their cage daily because Zebra finches are messy eaters ; they throw seed husks all over their food and poop everywhere else. Also, when they’re out of their cages, they often get into trouble and create messes outside of their places of rest.

Cheapest Finch: What is the cheapest finch

The prices of pet finches vary from place to place. A standard canary will usually set you back around $12 , but this price tag can reach heights of up to $250 for a rare variety. Zebra and Bengalese finches are generally in the $5-35 price range.

Zebra Finches: Do zebra finches need sunlight

Finches need sunlight to stay healthy If you place their cage by a window with direct sunlight, make sure a shady spot is still available.

Do finches like mirrors?


This study demonstrated that if given a choice, adult male zebra finches initially prefer to interact with conspecifics vs. their reflections but this preference is later transferred to their mirror images.

Finch Cage: What needs to be in a finch cage

In the cage, have two food and water bowls, as well as shallow bowl for your finches to bathe in Provide stimulation in the form of companionship as well as foraging toys—places where you can hide seeds and other treats for your birds to find and get out.




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