How Do You Set Up A Frisco Exercise Pen?

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Should You Put A Dog With Separation Anxiety In A Cage?

Keep Initial Departures Short If you know your dog suffers from separation anxiety , leaving him in a crate for extended periods of time without getting him used to your absence isn’t recommended Instead, start by leaving for just a few minutes and gradually working up to longer periods of time away. How long does … Read more

Short Answer: Chihuahua Dachshund Mix, Is A Chihuahua Dachshund Mix A Good Dog

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Is It OK To Keep A Rabbit Indoors?

Rabbits can live quite happily indoors and they should be provided with secure accommodation where they can feel safe, sleep, use a particular area as a toilet, and be confined to when unsupervised. Do indoor bunnies smell? No they don’t ! Rabbits themselves are very clean animals with odourless fur and they fastidiously groom themselves … Read more