Fast Answer: Can Goldendoodles Be Wavy

In this article, I’ll talk about the topic Can Goldendoodles Be Wavy?, and I’ll try to cover as much information as possible. Look At The Puppy’s Snout Generally, a prominent mustache is a clear indicator that the puppy will have a curly coat. Dogs that will go on to develop wavy coats tend to grow … Read more

Quick Answer: Goldendoodle Puppy, How Do I Know If My Goldendoodle Puppy Is Curly

The following subject, How Do I Know If My Goldendoodle Puppy Is Curly?, will be the focus of this blog post, and it will go into great detail about all of the relevant aspects of the subject. Continue reading if you want to learn more about this topic. Look At The Puppy’s Snout Generally, a … Read more

How Long Is A Goldendoodle Considered A Puppy?

For smaller Goldendoodles, they’re a puppy until nine months of age By that point, they’ve reached their adult size and weight. They might still exhibit some puppy behavior , but physically, they are no longer a puppy. For larger goldendoodles , they’re finished with their puppy phase after around 15 months. At what age is … Read more

At What Age Can You Tell A Goldendoodle Coat?

By the time your puppy is eight months old or more , he will have his final adult coat. The final coat is usually not as soft and fluffy as the puppy coat. The coat change can be gradual or sudden, taking a matter of weeks or several months. Do Goldendoodle puppies coats change? Regardless … Read more

Do Goldendoodles Have Curly Hair?

Goldendoodles come in a variety of coat colors and textures. Textures can be curly, wavy, straight, or have improper flat coats and smooth faces like Golden Retrievers It’s important to note that a Goldendoodle of ANY generation can present ANY of these coats. How do I know if my Goldendoodle puppy is curly? Look At … Read more

Why Does My Goldendoodle Puppy Have Straight Hair?

Many breeders have their stud dogs genetically tested to determine whether the dogs will produce straight, wavy, or curly-coated puppies . The Cu locus gene, also known as the KRT71 gene, decides what coat type the puppies will have. Usually, the less Cu locus the puppy has, the straighter its coat will be. Do some … Read more

How Can You Tell What Type Of Goldendoodle Coat You Have?

What coat type is a Goldendoodle? A wavy or shaggy coat is the most common type of Goldendoodle coat type, and they are also sometimes called fleece coats. In fact, the wavy coat occurs in all the most popular generations of Goldendoodles, including F1, F1b, and multigenerational dogs. Does the wavy coat on a Goldendoodle … Read more