Which Baitrunner Reel Is Best?

Shimano Baitrunner ST Best Overall Value Shimano Baitrunner! The ST range of Baitrunner reels from Shimano have become an extremely popular reel for carp anglers and there are a few different options for you to choose from. The ST is available in both

rear drag

(RB) and front drag (FB).

What is the difference between Shimano baitrunner D and OC?

The OC model is the basic version. It will be most comparable to your older model. The D has a one piece bail wire, different gear materials and a nicer handle It was designed with use of braided line in mind, although the OC works just fine with it.

How much line does a baitrunner 6000 hold?

The 6000D can handle up to 20lb mono or 50lb Spectra Braid Shimano Baitrunner 6000D Features: Graphite Frame.

What does a baitrunner do?

They are used when you want to fish with either live or cut bait and want to allow the fish to be able to take the bait and “run” with it before the hook is set. The Baitrunner was first introduced to the market by Shimano in 1987 and Shimano trademarked the name Baitrunner.

Do you need a baitrunner for carp fishing?

Are Baitrunner Reels Necessary for Carp Fishing? No, although they are not necessary for carp fishing they are excellent when paired with bite alarms and bank sticks. The main feature that makes them stand out is that they have a “dual drag” system, which is perfect for carp anglers.

Can you use a baitrunner reel for spinning?

A Baitrunner reel is just a spinning reel with an extra drag system It is cast the exact same way as any other spinning reel. You use a Baitrunner by engaging the Baitrunner drag when setting your rod.

What does

free spool


Definition of free spool (Entry 1 of 2) : the spool of a fishing reel equipped with a device that allows the spool to revolve without any tension on the line (as in the process of casting or trolling) free-spool. transitive verb.

What the difference between Shimano 6000 and 10000?

The 6000 size makes a great specimen and specialist fishing reel suitable for medium sized carp, barbel, tench and predator bait fishing for pike and zander, whilst the larger 10000 size is more suitable for larger fish from both large and small waters alike.

How much line does a Shimano baitrunner hold?

Line capacity: 10-545/12-430/14-325 Weight: 555g. Gear ratio: 4.6:1. Line retrieve: 87cm.

What is the

best rod

for carp fishing?

  • 1) Shimano TX-7 Carp Rod
  • 2) Advanta Discovery CSX V2 Carp Rods
  • 3) Greys Prodigy GT4 Rod 50mm
  • 6) Sonik Vader X RS Carp Rods
  • 7) Daiwa Longbow DF Carp Rods
  • 8) Nash Scope Abbreviated Rods
  • 9) Greys Stalking Rods
  • 10) JRC Contact Carp Rods.

What are the best Shimano carp reels?

  • 1) SHIMANO – ULTEGRA 14000 XTD REEL, Best for Beginner Anglers.
  • 2) SHIMANO – BAITRUNNER ST 10000RB, Best Reel for Your Pound.
  • 3) DAIWA – BASIA 45 SLD QD REEL, Best for Angling Innovation.

How does a free spool reel work?

Free spool fishing reels are an advanced design of fixed spool reels. They are exactly the same as fixed spool reels but they have one additional feature – an extra drag system This system, when it’s switched on, will allow the reel’s spool to turn under a set amount of tension determined by the angler.

Do Big pit reels have baitrunner?

Several Big Pit Carp Reels rely on their front drag systems to tighten and loosen the clutch for the purpose of runs and playing the fish. However most come with an inbuilt baitrunner function and you can purchase baitrunner conversions for some models.

What is fast drag reel?

The reel is fitted with multi-disc fast action drag This means that, with only one turn of the

drag knob

, you’re able to switch between free spool tension to full on fighting drag.

What’s the difference between front drag and rear drag reels?

Re: Front Vs Rear Drag On Spinning Reels ? The front drag reels have bigger drag washers and are said to have higher drag capabilities Rear drag – if it’s a good one with marks on the knob, you can easily set the drag according to the numbers on the dial.

Can I use a baitrunner for sea fishing?

Just flick the Baitrunner lever and dial in enough pressure to just cancel out the tide The fish can then move off after taking the bait and you just lift into it and it’s hooked. Well, that’s the theory and most of the time it works.

Can you use a baitrunner for lure fishing?

I was actually using an old Baitrunner 5000 of mine yesterday for some lure fishing for pike and it did the job just fine Use whatever you are happy with and whatever works best for you, but keep eyes and ears open for tools that might do the job better for you.

How full should a fishing reel be?


optimum level

is to fill the spool to within about a 1/8 of an inch from the outer edge of the lip of the spool This leaves enough lip to retain your line, but is full enough to launch long casts.

What should I look for when buying a fishing reel?

  • Spool design – long cast or traditional.
  • Line on spool – level and even; no shims required.
  • Spool material – aluminum vs
  • Braid grip design on spool.
  • More bearings for smooth retrieve.
  • Handle knob material and rotation on handle.
  • Gear ratio.

Are Shimano spools interchangeable?

Can you interchange spools in the Shimano range at all? Pretty sure 2500 and 3000 spools are interchangeable.


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